Truth by Omission is still a Lie.

Information added daily.
All information is credible, cited and linked to sources.

There is so much more hope than just the vaccine. Doctors and Specialists speak about early treatment and their experiences with patients.

Natural immunity is the most complete and well rounded immunity vs. synthetic immunity.

Data from around the world is critical to understanding risks and findings on a larger scale. This should be part of pubic discussion.

Death Rates in the United States were not documented and recorded the same as other countries. There was a very "liberal" approach.

We are told influenza disappeared, however evidence from coroners  and CDC data show otherwise.

Asymptomatic spread was a large basis for lockdowns, masks and other protocol.

PCR tests are not meant to diagnose. Not all tests are used in a unified manner and this varied used can result in many false "positives".


The data on children and transmission as well as death does not support the current direction we are taking our children in.

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